Officers and Committee

Appointments 2022-23

Director and Secretary: Ray Lockyer

Director and Chairman: Des Williams

Director and Treasurer: Phil Jones

Vice Chairman: Mark Hughes

Tawe Disabled Fishers Secretary: Des Williams

Social Secretary: Paul Edwards

Minutes Secretary: Gary Davies

Auditors: Paul Edwards and Gary Davies

Head Bailiff: Dave Hooper

Risk Management Officer: Mark Hughes

Management Committee: Ray Lockyer, Des Williams, Graham Wheildon, Mark Hughes, Phil Jones, Paul Edwards, Gary Davies, Dave Hooper, Roy Pascoe, Zuhair Majeed, Dr John Thomas, Harding (Mac) Richards, Jeff Mayberry, Nathaniel James, Paul Morgan, Gregg Williams

Co-opted: Bernard Evans, Mark Evans,

Life Members: John Rees, Bill Grey

Bailiffs: Ray Lockyer, Des Williams, Phil Jones, Gary Davies, Paul Edwards, Richard Hooper, Nathaniel James

Life Appointments

Life President: Ray Lockyer

Life Members / Life Committee Members: Ray Lockyer, Phil Jones, John Rees, Paul Edwards, Bernard Evans, Bill Grey, Dennis Taylor, David Hooper, Mark Evans, Stuart Doyle